Mobile Cardiac Telemetry 3 Lead (MCT 3L)

If you have any questions, please call the LifeWatch Patient Care Center at 1.800.517.6330 at anytime

IMPORTANT: Cardiac monitors are diagnostic tools and not part of an emergency service. DIAL 911 FOR EMERGENCIES.

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The MCT 3L Mobile Cardiac Telemetry monitoring system automatically captures and transmits data on an irregular heartbeat, whether or not you feel a symptom. The small sensor and electrodes are worn on your chest to record your heart's rhythm. Each heartbeat is transmitted wirelessly to the Monitor where it is analyzed. If an arrhythmia is detected, the Monitor automatically sends it to LifeWatch for review and physician notification, if required. The MCT 3L system will empower you to go about your daily routine at home, the office or other location.


Top Tips for Effective Monitoring

  • Wear the sensor for the duration of prescribed time (except when bathing or showering), even when you do not feel symptoms.
  • Keep Monitor charged and within 10 feet of sensor for proper monitoring to occur.
  • Record a manual event when you experience dizziness, chest pain or other symptoms. Remember to complete the symptom and activity screens on the Monitor. This will help your physician make a better diagnosis.
  • Replace electrodes every 5 days or if they become loose. Change electrodes after taking a bath.
  • Change sensor battery when sensor beeps 2 times or low battery message appears on the Monitor screen. Batteries can last 4-5 days.
  • LifeWatch may call you during your service. Please answer calls from 1.800.517.6330 or other 1.800 numbers.
  • If you have any questions, please call LifeWatch at 1.800.517.6330.