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MCT Monitoring

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LifeWatch Legacy

Leading the industry since 1993


Experience and Expertise

~ 4 million patients monitored


Quality Assurance

Compliant with CMS, FDA and Joint Commission standards


High Patient Scores

Commitment to happier and more compliant patients


Measurable Results

Over 70 Key Performance Indicators and Quality Indicators bench marked

Clinical Reporting

Better rhythm insights

Timely delivery of diagnostic reports with pertinent data



Secure exchange of patient data to improve cardiac monitoring management

Our remote diagnostic monitoring services are used by >60% of the top cardiac care hospitals in the USA

Innovative Technologies and Clinical Excellence

LifeWatch is a national provider of innovative diagnostic cardiac monitoring services. Since 1993, we have helped thousands of healthcare professionals diagnose millions of patients. We offer a comprehensive range of Mobile Cardiac Telemetry, Cardiac Event and Holter technologies and services for the detection of heart rhythm disorders. LifeWatch has over 600 payor contracts that ensure access of our services to a greater patient population.

With almost four million patients monitored, LifeWatch continues to maintain high patient satisfaction scores, resulting in better compliance and happier patients. Our quality services can lead to improved patient compliance, higher diagnostic yields and better clinical outcomes. LifeWatch provides EMR integration for the secure electronic exchange of patient data.