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Leading provider of remote cardiac monitoring diagnostic services

Since 1993, LifeWatch has provided healthcare providers with comprehensive remote cardiac monitoring diagnostic services that allow timely access to patient arrhythmia data and facilitate better collaboration and earlier intervention of health events. LifeWatch services can interface with EMR systems to facilitate the exchange of patient data and help improve remote monitoring management. LifeWatch is Joint Commission accredited and has maintained 95% patient satisfaction for its services.

With an extensive payor network of over 600 contracts, LifeWatch monitoring solutions are also accessible to a greater patient population. A wide range of Mobile Cardiac Telemetry, Cardiac Event and Holter monitoring systems allow physicians to select the right device for patient needs and payor requirements.

Our three 24/7 monitoring centers provide timely delivery of diagnostic reports during and following a patients monitoring session.

LifeWatch is at the forefront of remote cardiac monitoring technologies and services for the detection of Atrial Fibrillation (AFIB), and other heart rhythm disorders. We also offer specialized monitoring programs for post-AFIB procedures and for patients who have experienced a cryptogenic stroke or TIA.

Our wide range of monitoring services include:
• Mobile Cardiac Telemetry
• Cardiac Event Monitoring
• Holter Monitoring

Our history

Since 1993, LifeWatch has provided remote cardiac monitoring diagnostic services


Launch of our mobile cardiac telemetry services in Turkey


Launch of LifeWatch MCT 1 Lead Patch in USA


Joint Venture to create monitoring service in Turkey


First to market 3-in-1 MCT 3 Lead monitor with optional 24/48-hour Holter and cardiac event monitor


First-to-market launch of 2-in-1 monitor providing MCT 3 Lead and optional Holter


First to market launch of MCT 3 lead providing three distinct views of the heart


Enters MCT market with 1 lead MCT monitor


First-to-Market monitor with auto-trigger for detecting AF, Bradycardia and Tachycardia


Launch of King of Hearts, Explorer and MicroER cardiac monitors


LifeWatch opens cardiac monitoring center in USA for iconic Wrist Recorder

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Adhere to the highest level of ethics, professional standards,and Federal and State Laws


Work together to meet the needs of our customers.


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